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Cowspiracy response

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 16:00:41 GMT

Cowspiracy is an important and necessary film for people to see. It presents a compelling, logical, and ultimately convincing case for becoming a vegan. This film is hands-down the most effective film that we have seen for this class. No other film has been able to really get me to rethink my lifestyle in the way that this film did. Before viewing the film, I was a pescatarian. This diet choice was one I adopted at the end of this past summer, after relentless nagging and persuasion from my ex-girlfriend. I have continued this diet under the impression that I was helping the environment by not eating meat. I had known before that the meat industry is responsible for a large quantity of energy and water consumption, so I felt that by not eating beef, pork, and chicken, I was doing a good thing. However, Cowspiracy has convinced me that I can and should be doing more. While I don’t eat meat, I still eat dairy products, eggs, and seafood, all of which are produced in unsustainable ways. Humans are overfishing to an immense degree. Our oceans are becoming increasingly les s populated because we fish at such a rapid rate that we don’t give our planet’s marine life enough time to repopulate. Egg and dairy production both account for a large amount of energy and water consumption, but not to the same degree as meat production. Ultimately, the film made me realize that while my diet may be more sustainable than that of the average human, it still isn’t sustainable enough. I found the fact that none of the major environmentalist groups were aware how detrimental meat production was to the planet incredibly unsettling. Most people view the transportation and energy fields as being among the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, however it turns out that meat production contributes significantly more than either of them. This means that most efforts to combat climate change are focusing on the wrong target. In fact, almost none of the environmental groups interviewed in the film even saw agriculture and meat production as a major environmental threat. This is troublesome and we need to find a way to get the meat industry to be targeted by more environmental groups. On a more technical note, some cinematographic choices were strange and distracting. For example: quite a few shots were very obviously over-exposed. I don’t know whether or not this was accidental or there was some kind of reasoning behind why they chose to overexpose so many of the shots but I found that it took away from the film a little bit. I know that technical perfection is not as imperative in documentary production as it is in narrative work however it does make the crew seem more amateur than I’m sure they were intending to appear. Ultimately Cowspiracy is a phenomenal film. It discusses several alarming truths about humanity’s carnivorous lifestyle and the negative impacts of it. It successfully is able to lend perspective and get the discussion going on the environmental impact of meat production. This film is incredibly important and I think more people, especially Americans, need to see it.