In Forbes’ article, “11 Companies Considered Best for the Environment,” listed as number five is Patagonia, the large brand of high-end outdoor equipment and clothing. Patagonia is just nine years shy of being half of a century old, as Yvon Chouinard founded the company in 1973. Forbes cites the company as claiming “that three quarters of its materials are ‘environmentally preferred,’ meaning they are recycled, organic or otherwise environmentally sound.” Patagonia’s website also features a whole resource exhibiting the company’s contribution to environmentalism. In particular, Patagonia highlights six main features of their role in the environmental and “environmental activist” cause:

  1. Transparent details of their supply chain, which is aimed to reduce “the adverse social and environmental impacts” of their products.
  2. Manufacturing of Worn Wear products that will last longer, thus decreasing the need to repurchase and therefore produce using more materials.
  3. Their corporate responsibility to ensure that Patagonia products are made under “safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.”
  4. Financial contributions given to support environmental organizations through environmental grants.
  5. The recognition and action taken upon environmental and social responsibilities, in order to be the company they claim to be.
  6. Promoting their customers to engage in the Environmental Design Project by submitting a design.