From her presentation I could tell that Faith Meckley is very passionate about the causes she supports.  It’s interesting to hear about someone protesting at such an age young, especially when there is a threat of being arrested.  I found it interesting that when she was arrested with a group that they only held them for less than a day, I would have expected it to be longer.  It was also interesting to learn that her father also was a protestor in his time and it brings up the intriguing question of whether or not her activism was influenced by his. I can imagine the stress and agony she must have been feeling when her possibly facing jail time, so I admire her for her ability to stand up for what she believes in no matter the cost.  It was also nice that she talked to us as a peer and not as an authority figure because it made it easier to relate to her. In relation to the protests on campus, I have an unpopular opinion about them so I’d like to keep that to myself.  However, I am impressed that some teachers actually cancelled class or let out early in order to allow students to express and show their concern regarding recent unfortunate incidents.


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