Steve Woinoski was interesting and he really seemed to enjoy living in the White Hawk Ecovillage community.  Although the idea seemed cool and I give all power to them, I wouldn’t want to live in one of these communities myself.  It seemed like it would have a very “small town” feel to it and I personally enjoy being around a lot people.  My future more realistically would be in the suburbs or a city.  It was nice to hear about it though, because I wasn’t aware that such environmental driven communities existed.  It sounds like a nice quite place to rest a family and settle down if a family wants good old-fashioned neighborly love and peace.  However, like he said himself once more people come into play the community probably will start to feel a bit crowded. These type of communities are good for some but not all; I believe that someone can be just as equally environmentally aware outside of certain communities and groups.


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