The environmental movement is no stranger to feminism, from female scientists Rachel Carson playing an important role in getting the environmental movement off the ground to the housewives of Love Canal fighting for their health and their environment. Feminism and environmentalism are closely interwoven. Through the years there have been a number of influential eco-feminist books. Here’s just a few to get you started.


  1. EcoFeminism by Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva

A book written by an economist and a physicist, EcoFeminism discusses the troubling relationship between the patriarchy and environmental degradation. This book takes a philosophical approach to the deterioration of nature by drawing on female perspectives from both North and South. Mies and Shiva argue for a new approach and commitment to the environment as well as acceptance of the limits of our Earth.


  1. Feminism and the Mystery of Nature by Val Plumwood

In her book on feminist theory and the environment, Plumwood critiques western philosophy and the “logic of colonialism” in how it controls both nature and women. This insightful book details the relationship between ecology and the patriarchy and the way in which feminist theory is closely related to both.


  1. EcoFeminist Philosophy: A Western Perspective on What It Is and Why It Matters by Karen J. Warren

This book examines the unjust domination of women and the environment by the patriarchal structures at play in the western world. Warren details the way in which feminist philosophy can contribute to a better understanding of environmental issues and the aspects of the movement that lend itself to changing western male ideals of power and control.