As young adults who are probably are still dependent on our caretakers it would be hard to make a change regarding what we personally eat or buy.  So I believe the role that we have is awareness, to be aware ourselves and to spread awareness.  In addition to the fact that majority of my classmates are “Parkies”, our generation as a whole is tech savvy.  In America, we are one of the first generations to grow up in a world where the internet, computers, smart phones, and cameras were all around us from birth.  To be perfectly honest, most of us middle-classed young adults spend more time than we should on our devices which means we have no excuse for saying we can’t use them to raise awareness.  We are a generation that has Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., at the tip of our fingertips. We are a generation that has the ability to connect to not only to our own communities but communities from around the world.  So even though we don’t have the funds to buy organic GMO-free food or all American-made appeal, we do have the power to spread awareness to the people that possibly can.