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Telling the Story of Climate Change

Delhi Considering Closing Schools For Smog

Delhi has now surpassed Beijing in it’s pollution levels and is considering shutting down schools as a harsh smog continues over its second month. It is predicted to continue for months and is composed of car exhaust, dust, smoke from fires, and industrial output. Reports say the health negative effects are lasting. There is a plan based on allowing cars to alternative driving and they have shut down 2 coal power stations.

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Carbon Emissions Past, Present and Future

It’s about a year old, but I think this is an interesting video that you can interact with.

Watch the video here.


Sweden Plans to be the First Fossil Fuel Free Country

Just before the climate talks began Sweden had announced their plan to be fossil fuel free by spending 542 million dollars on green infrastructure. Other countries are following their lead such as Denmark, which produced 140% of its energy needs with just wind power and gives energy to neighboring countries. It’s nice to see countries making huge progress with renewable energy.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘Go part-time vegetarian’

“You shouldn’t stop the way you live – just change the technology.”
Since we are watching Cowspiracy on Friday I thought this is relevant.

Schwarzenegger recommends trying to eat meat free a few days out of the week in order to protect the planet. The main reason being that farming causes a big portion of green house gases. Giving up meat completely is scary, but trying it a few days a week could end up being not as big of a deal that some people would think. Some people might even go full-time vegetarian if they just tried this out and see how it affects them. People made jokes about how his body size and a meat-free diet don’t work, but he states that there is plenty of other ways to get protein.

Watch a video interview here.


San Francisco Bans the Sale of Plastic Bottles

While some plastic is recycled, most of it is thrown away after use to be put in landfills. San Francisco hopes to have no waste going into landfills by 2020 and has started this campaign by banning the sale of plastic bottles. It is the first city in America to do so and in addition they have already banned plastic bags and foam containers. They are promoting reusable glass containers and will fine up to $1,000 for violations.

Read about it here.


The Sky When Beijing Banned Driving for 2 Weeks


For the anniversary of Japan’s defeat in WWII, on August 20th Beijing banned driving for two weeks. A clear blue sky was able to be seen along with military jets flying across the sky.
But, a week later the sky returned to smog.

Here’s the full article.

Beijing Issues Pollution Red Alert

Since I recently posted a blog about clear skies in Beijing when they banned driving cars for two weeks, I thought I’d share this recent update in the Beijing smog issue.

Beijing had to issue a red alert for the first time after the city was engulfed in harsh smog two times in one week. The first time this happened the government was under fire because residents were choking in the streets, but they did not issue the red alert. They had no choice but to issue it this time. The alert will last until about Thursday when the smog is supposed to be cleared out by rain. They have named coal power plants as the culprits. Residents hope this will be the push needed to get the smog issue more attention and focus.

Read the full article here.


Exxon Target Journalists Who Exposed Cover-Up


ExxonMobil is being investigated in New York about hiding their findings relating to evidence of climate change. Evidence surfacing shows that for decades they have known about the correlation between fossil fuels and global warming, but have said nothing or blatantly lied about their discoveries.

When students from Columbia Journalism School started reporting about Exxon, the big oil corporation claimed they were making false claims and sent letters to the school. The letters have been described as ‘thuggish’ and mention how much money they donate to the school in a threatening way. This article includes a transcript of an interview with Bill Mckibben who was arrested for holding up signs outside a closed Exxon station.

Read the full article here

Fake Ads Placed in Paris

A UK activist group called Brandalism has put up 600 fake ads around Paris due to the recent Climate talks. Brandalism says they wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the Climate talk sponsors such as Volkswagen and DOW Chemicals.

See the article here.


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