About Us

We are a group of Ithaca College environmental activist media leaders with the solitary goal of initiating discussion on activism that leads to tangible, active measures of movement in healing the environment and reconnecting with nature. We seek, particularly, to engage in deliberation over the realities inside Ithaca, New York; not just around it. All are welcome to join the conversation and the resulting action.

Brad Rappa is creating a process-oriented film that will document his attempt to get the City of Ithaca and surrounding communities not only to divest from energy sources based on fossil fuels, but also to create a publicly owned energy cooperative that pools the current power produced by local wind and solar farms, and invest in an infrastructure designed to produce and distribute sustainable energy to the entire local population for free. Read more about the film here.

Who We Are


Bradley Rappa 

12318343_10208195888925115_1281385895_oBradley Rappa, an Assistant Professor in the Cinema, Photography and Media Arts program at Ithaca College, is an award winning animator, documentarian and experimental filmmaker whose films have screened worldwide. Currently, Bradley produces documentary films that focus primarily on human rights and environmental issues. He studied at Syracuse University and after receiving his M.F.A. in filmmaking, moved to New York City where he worked for over 10 years as a cinematographer. In 2002 he was hired by the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health, where he developed, implemented and taught a progressive media literacy and production curriculum designed to empower the Native American youth who lived in the greater Tucson area. This transformative opportunity rekindled Bradley’s love for teaching and reinforced his principles that creativity and a passion for discovery are crucial components of producing thought provoking and impactful documentary films. His most recent work tackles the critically important issues of global consumer culture, industrialization, and the challenges we all face as we try to live locally, sustainably, and in harmony, within our communities and our natural environment. Bradley lives in Ithaca, New York with his wife and two sons.


Alec Salisbury

12314777_10208195888845113_191755104_oBeing from Maine, I've grown to appreciate the environment through fishing, hiking, and camping. I believe that climate change is the most important existential threat we have to society. I hope that through this organization we can raise the much needed attention to the crisis. I am the director of social media here at Ten Square Miles. I manage and coordinate a team to spread our media content throughout social media.

During the school year, I am a Cinema & Photography major at Ithaca College. After graduation, I plan on finding a job with a video production company somewhere in New England. I've been doing freelance video and photo work since my junior year in high school and I love it! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Alec Salisbury

12314777_10208195888845113_191755104_oBeing from Maine, I've grown to appreciate the environment through fishing, hiking, and camping. I believe that climate change is the most important existential threat we have to society. I hope that through this organization we can raise the much needed attention to the crisis. I am the director of social media here at Ten Square Miles. I manage and coordinate a team to spread our media content throughout social media.

During the school year, I am a Cinema & Photography major at Ithaca College. After graduation, I plan on finding a job with a video production company somewhere in New England. I've been doing freelance video and photo work since my junior year in high school and I love it! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Becca Cox

Rebecca Cox HeadshotI’m a senior Cinema & Photography major at Ithaca College who is passionate about story telling, reading, art and saving the planet. From an early age I began to make myself aware of the environment and more importantly the impact we have on it. Two of the most important things in my life are my love for animals and types of creative media so I guess you could say it’s only natural that I would be part of the social media team at Ten Square Miles! I look forward to spreading the word through the internet and getting more people involved in their own town and educated about their own environment.


Corinne Sherwood

12318092_10208195889045118_1859048901_oCorinne is 19 years old and was born and raised in South Eastern Massachusetts: about 20 minutes from Cape Cod and an hour south of Boston. She grew up with her parents and younger sister and now she’s living seven hours from home in Ithaca, NY for school. Her major at Ithaca College is Cinema & Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production. She is also minoring in English. Corinne decided to pursue this program because she loves film and wants to learn as much as she can about what it takes to make one. 

Although her involvement in Environmental Activism is relatively small, she hopes to increase her participation through this web journal, and she hopes to start talking more about the environment and the danger it’s in with her family and friends.


Crystal Ledbetter

Crystal Ledbetter is currently a Cinema & PhotographyCandice Ledbetter Headshot major at Ithaca College. She is pursuing a career in Cinema Production, specifically video editing. On campus she has been on the crews of Clichéd,
 The Ivies, and The Director’s Chair. In addition to cinematography, Crystal enjoys singing, writing and watching her nightly soaps. Due to her love of animals Crystal has been a vegetarian for eight years. Her hometown is Germantown, Maryland where she grew up with her parents and two older siblings.


Emily DeLucia

I’m Emily DeLucia, a sophomore cinema and photography major at the Park School and a transfer to Ithaca College. I hope to one day become a director in Hollywood to not only increase the amount Emily Delucia Headshotof female directors, a number which is shockingly low, but also to increase awareness for a number of social issues such as representation in Hollywood film and to promote feminism. My ultimate hope is to dismantle the white, patriarchal, cis-gendered tendencies in nearly all modern, Blockbuster films. As of right now, I enjoy painting custom shoes in my free time as well as fiction writing and playing viola. As it is my first year at Ithaca, I am looking forward to becoming involved in as many clubs and organizations as I can such as media orchestra, ICTV, and The Studio. In terms of environmental activism, I believe it starts with the little things. Even small things like using reusable water bottles or recycling and encouraging others to do the same can make a huge difference. I believe one of the biggest impediments to environmental change is the mindset that one person’s actions won’t make any difference and so I try to promote awareness of our impact on the environment whenever I can. I am always looking for ways to be environmentally conscious and active and ways to make environmentalism accessible to more people.


Gabriella LoBue

Gabriella LoBue HeadshotGabriella LoBue is a student at Ithaca College, pursuing a B.S. in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production, and a minor in Business. As a Martin Luther King Scholar, Gabriella is striving to combine her aptitude for video production with her passion for social justice. She hopes that with her work, she can express and communicate the thoughts and voices of others, as well as her own, in a creative way that will inspire and inform the public to greater issues at hand. Whether assisting the creation of a thought-provoking fictional film inspired by all too real events and issues, or aiding in the making of a documentary that will bring light to a lesser-known, yet nonetheless important topic, Gabriella is eager to take whatever steps are necessary to pursue this goal.


Hale Douthit

12333873_10208195889645133_1719677795_oHale Douthit is a sophomore Cinema and Photography major at Ithaca College from Cleveland, Ohio. He currently writes for The Odyssey magazine and is excited to spread knowledge of environmental issues and activism.


Harrison Evans

Harrison Evans is a sophomore at Ithaca College studying Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production. He is currently focused on the planning and development of his next career step, which includes making films all over the world. He graduated from Sant Bani School in New Hampshire where there was a great emphasis on the environment and service. Growing up in this area and at the school helped give a great foundation to enter the world prepared. Through the previous travels he has gone on, Harrison has a greater understanding of the world and the impact that we leave on it, thus enabling him to make a difference through his work with the environment and with his films.


Jeremy Gunn

Jeremy Gunn HeadshotJeremy Gunn, a student at Ithaca College majoring in Cinema and Photography, with a concentration in cinema production, and minoring in Religion and Philosophy, is a video editor primarily concerned with experimental film, the advancement and proliferation of eco-friendly technology, and the progression of human rights. He graduated from Milton Academy in 2014 where he taught a course on human sexuality and relations to sophomores and juniors, providing a much needed service and outlet for the boarding community. Beyond the classroom, he starkly advocates for the donation of unused computing power to organizations such as Folding@Home and Boinc which pool said resources into medical research for diseases such Alzheimers, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, etc., as well as scientific research such as global warming and discovering pulsars. Most recently, he has turned his efforts towards renewable energy, the preservation of finite resources, and awareness for the environment to challenge the future many activists have outlined given the current state and relationship between humanity and the environment. Jeremy currently lives in Hamden, Connecticut.


Jessica Saideman

12334109_10208195889485129_1879534185_oJessica Saideman is a Cinema Production student at Ithaca College. Outside of college, she currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. She worked at a development internship at a film production company in Toronto this past summer. She hopes to become prominent in directing and producing fields. Though she is working on environmental activism through this class, she is also heavily interested in and hopes to be more involved in LGBTQA+ and feminist activism through her film work.


Joey Nastars

Joey Nastars is a cinema and photography student at IC. His interest in environmental activism started in high school when he took an Joey Nastars HeadshotEnvironmental Science class. He enjoys taking environmental classes here at IC and has joined the IC Animal Rights group because the problems with the food industry is the area of work he is most attracted to. He has not produced any environmental work, but hopes to accomplish that in the coming years.


Kai Nealis

Kai Nealis is currently a sophomore in the Documentary Studies and Production major at Ithaca College. Kai was raised in Illinois, MKai Nealis Headshotontana, and the state of Washington before he relocated to New York for school. With particular interests in environmentalism and music, he hopes to incorporate these pursuits into elements of his filmmaking as a student.


Joshua Dufour

Joshua Dufour was born on February 23, 1995, in Drexel Hill, PA. He is the son of two Haitian immigrants and has an older brother and a younger sister. After growing up in West Philadelphia for the first five years of his life, Joshua then moved to Mesa, Arizona with his then single mother and older brother.Josh Dufour HeadshotIt was there that his younger sister was born. After three years, he moved back to Pennsylvania with new members of his family, and has resided in Drexel Hill ever since.

            Joshua’s passion is the arts in all forms. At age 8, he joined the Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia and sang with them for five years. He was a member of his high schools concert and chamber choirs, the concert band and wind ensemble, the marching band and the drumline, as well as his high school’s musical theatre productions, performed at their very own Upper Darby Performing Arts Center. For his work in theatre, he has been nominated for the Cappie Award for Best Male Vocalist in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as Best Male Critic. Joshua was also a member of the PMEA District, Region, and All-State choruses for three years in a row, placing 3rd in the state for the baritone voice part, in his senior year. He also enjoys filmmaking in its many forms, crossfit, dancing, reading, and making people laugh.

            Joshua is currently enrolled in his junior year at Ithaca College, studying Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production and a minor in Music. He is a member of the Martin Luther King Scholars Program, a dynamic learning community, developing future leaders and global citizens who are committed to promoting King’s legacy of social justice and equality in their personal and professional lives, engaging in public services, building bridges to other communities, and educating others with their international perspective. At the College, Joshua is also a member of the School of Music’s Choir, and a member of their Madrigal Singers. He performs regularly for awards ceremonies and events.

            As a first-generation Haitian-American, Joshua believes a sense of self and culture is extremely important and he makes an effort to keep his Haitian roots intact. He is a firm believer that diversity is crucial to human development and that people must share their experiences in order to gain awareness of others. He dreams of becoming a director, producer, actor, and singer. His hope is to use his artistic voice to shine light on the social injustices of the world, spread awareness of race, culture, and ethnicity through artistic mediums, and give back to his brothers and sisters in Haiti, a country that is struggling, but always pushing forward.


Kevin Fermini HeadshotKevin Fermini

Kevin Fermini is a junior at Ithaca College pursuing his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Film, Photography and Visual Arts and minoring in English. Growing up with an environmentally conscious upbringing, Kevin developed an interest in environmental conservation, reducing human consumption and emission, and decreasing our impact on the Earth from a young age. He aims to raise awareness on environmental issues and erase his impact on the planet in the years to come.


Matt Allchin

Matt Allchin grew up in Penfield, New York, which is a suburb right outside the city of Rochester. He is now a sophomMatt Allchin Headshotore at Ithaca College as a Cinema and Photography student with a concentration is business. Over the years he has participated in track, soccer, and boy scouts. As an Eagle Scout he grew up learning the importance of the environment and our need to protect it. One of the main mottos while camping was “Never leave a trace” and he’s tried to follow that motto for most of his life. He’s talked about environmental issues within his town in board meetings and has helped out on many Eagle Scout projects that involved preserving the environment. He believes we need to start taking serous action now to help lessen the destruction that climate change will have on our society.


Renata Kazin

Renata Kazin lives in Ithaca most ofRenata Kazin Headshot the year as a student at Ithaca College, however, she originally comes from Yorktown Heights, New York. As a sophomore in the college’s Cinema & Photography program, she has taken a special interest in Cinema Production and editing skills. Besides her passion for film, she also loves playing her baritone sax in some of the musical groups on campus, as well as helping lead the Ithaca branch of Challah for Hunger – an organization that helps fight hunger with the proceeds that come from baking and selling delicious Challah bread! She hopes that her involvement in Ten Square Miles will help her to further explore her growing interest in environmental justice.


Samantha DiFalco

Samantha DiFalco HeadshotSamantha DiFalco is a sophomore Cinema and Photography major at Ithaca College. When she is not at school, she resides in Denville, NJ where she lives with her family. She enjoys everything to do with nature, hiking, biking, and exploring the outdoors. As such, environmental activism is very important to her, as she wants to protect the natural world for generations to come for all to enjoy. 

Samantha is on the social media team for Ten Square Miles, and focuses on managing the twitter page. Follow us @10squaremiles, and tweet us any suggestions on how to improve our organization.


Seve Canales

Seve Canales HeadshotOriginally from Texas, Seve Canales is a student enrolled at Ithaca College in the cinema and photography program. He has recently developed a passion for environmental activism after taking several environmental science classes at the school, and is considering minoring in the environmental science program. Observing and being immersed in the natural lands of Ithaca has led him to gain a newfound appreciation for the environment, and he wishes to impart this appreciation upon others as well. He hopes that his involvement in the production of this web journal will serve as a jumping-off point to becoming more engaged in environmental efforts.


Taylor Walker 

12314747_10208195891925190_1392093406_oTaylor Walker is a sophomore at Ithaca College, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in cinema and photography with a concentration in cinema production through the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Taylor is originally from Houston, TX, but came all the 

way to Ithaca, NY to pursue a film career. Taylor has dreams of creating historical, social, and political documentaries. She also has a great interest in animation and music videos. Taylor’s interest in historical, social, and political documentaries brought 

her to Ten Square Miles. As the Lead Editor for Ten Square Miles, Taylor feels that through the media providing interviews and exploration of environmental activism in Ithaca, many will have the opportunity to learn more about such a complex, rapid issue.


Tim Kuper 

12343212_10208195893045218_1226844257_oTim Kuper is a senior at the Roy H. Park School of Communications of Ithaca College. With an academic focus on film production, Tim has found his passion in post production editing and cinematic lighting and design. A self motivated environmentalist, he seeks out opportunities to engage on the personal level, but has recently begun to expand his sights; turning to his film making as a method for exploration. In the process of shooting his cinema thesis, he is constantly in search of activist projects and ways to spread the messages he sees as important. With the advent of the Reality Now! website at tensquaremiles.org, he hopes to lead the charge in creating an online community which will pursue these ideals and work to broaden his experience and knowledge of the movement.


Tyler Macri

12317983_10208195893565231_698493574_oTyler Macri is a student of Cinema and Photography Ithaca College; he is a writer and director with several short films to his name, an award-winning photographer, and a writer of essays and fiction whose work has been published in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers. Macri’s written essays and short stories range from topics based in philosophy, to media reviews. His most recent works in short filmmaking explore the philosophical implications of important topics such as war, capital punishment, drug use, domestic abuse, and other issues that define the tribulations of modern life. With his work, he hopes to spread awareness of these very real issues as they apply to his audience’s lives, all while helping them to turn an eye to the equally complex emotional environments formulating within themselves. Tyler lives in Plainville, Connecticut when he is not studying at Ithaca.


Will Truslow

Will Truslow HeadshotWill Truslow, a sophomore Cinema and Photography student at Ithaca College, is an aspiring Photographer and Director of Photography. He is currently pursuing a B.S. with a concentration in Cinema Production. Will has worked on various short films as well as a few freelance videography and photography projects over the past few years. Will was born in Boston, Massachusetts and has lived outside of the city in the town of Milton for his whole life with his parents and older brother. He attended high school at Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. After taking photography courses here, Will quickly developed an eye for creative and beautiful images. He strives to produce work that portrays the world from a unique and visually captivating perspective.

Spring of 2016 Participants:

Bishop, Benjamin A

Eng, Tara H

Manton, James M

Savini, Christian J

Swann, Kevin P

Yang, Tianhong

Kozlowski, Christian